Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Pastor's vlog Q & A: A question about heaven.

here's the original question: will we know each other as "family and friends" in heaven like we do here on earth, since we will be spiritual beings with new names. the reason for my question is...if we do know each other..and some of our "family and friends" are not there...that would cause sadness. and there will be no sadness in heaven...

so, what do you think? how did i do? obviously, my answer is not exhaustive, as i was trying to be concise! what are your thoughts? and how would you answer this question differently?

i really did try to be short, but it seems like i can't do that! six minutes is an eternity on the internet!!!

oh, and by the way, my "darting eyes" is me reading my notes! ha!


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