Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A Poem by Whitney Lingle (2003)


So many times I turned away
I hid my face in total shame
I knew the whole time
I knew all along
That the ways of the world were wrong

You never seemed to care
How rotten I had become
You never even asked 
The things I had done

You offered to me
Your shoulder & your ear
And gave a reassuring smile
With each condemning tear

There were many jobs & tasks
That you had to do
But time w/ me you put before them
You were truly devoted, I knew

You have played a big part
In who we are today
What you have been to us
No one could ever replace.

To us you were not just our Pastor
To us you are so much more
Our friend, our leader, our mentor
Our group you called “The Core”.

You’ve led us here, to where we are today
Knowing you wouldn’t always be around
All along preparing the way 
For us to step up and lead

So here we are, we’re ready
No regrets, no fears, no worries
Giving it our all, never holding back
Proving to you who we can be

Thanks Whitney!

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