Thursday, June 25, 2009

Jon (minus) Kate

Jon and Kate plus 8

there's been a lot of buzz surrounding the failing marriage of jon and kate gosselin lately. and really, it is tragic. i hope they get some good marriage counseling, (OFF CAMERA).

with as much stress as raising children can be, i couldn't help but wonder why they would want to bring the additional and undue stress of all those television cameras in their home.

maybe it was a financial decision. maybe they thought it would be glamorous. or maybe they just didn't realize the additional, undue stress it would create in their marriage.

whatever its was, it's sad.
so, i'm wondering, what are YOU doing to protect/strengthen YOUR marriage?

what are the things in your life that are causing you undue stress?
you may not have cameras following you around, but most of us have taken on things in our lives that we thought would be helpful or fun, but only ended up adding undue stress.

it could be a hobby that's diverting too much of the family income.
it could be one too many of those expensive activities that keeps the children happy, siphoning off not only money, but precious family time as well...
it could be the job you thought would make you more money, but only ended up taking more time...
it could be alcohol consumption. you drink to party, but it seems like someone is always getting angry when they're drunk... or worse.

i don't know, it could be any number of things...

but there's good news when you have undue stress.
you can undo it.

you thought it was going to be fun.
you thought it was going to make you more money.
you thought it would create more family time.
but it just brought undue stress.


say "no" to some things!
your marriage and your family is worth it.


  1. Where is the 'family support' / church/ friends, family, where is "GOD" in the Jon & Kate relationship ?

    I can remember when the kids were younger, they showed them going to church, but in the 6 years or so since the show began, just WHERE do they put GOD in their lives ??

  2. Very insightful post, Paul! I can so relate to the "undue stress". It's ironic that even sometimes the smallest things can impact lives with undue stress. For example, we adopted another puppy, Zoe, last November so that our 1 year old smooth fox terrier, Chewee, would have a playmate. It's been nearly a year, and our family (especially Chewee) haven't been the same. We loved her & she was a fun pet, but she definitely added "undue stress" on all of us. We resigned to finding her a new home last week, and although it was sad, our life & our Chewee have returned to "normal". I'm finding that, in life, sometimes good things or small things can add "undue stress". I'm in the mode of destressing/decluttering my life, and it is feeling great!