Friday, September 17, 2010

Change the World.

I am being blown away by Shaun King.

You don't know who he is?

He's the guy that's sent more tents into Haiti than any organization in the world. (Except the Red Cross).

Still don't know who he is?
There's a good reason...

He's a church planter in Urban Atlanta.
He doesn't pastor a mega-church.
He's not on the conference speaking circuit.
And he's not on TV. (Except for the News).
Shaun shouldn't even be alive...

But what you might not realize is... Shaun King is changing the world.

After the earthquakes in Haiti, armed with nothing more than his twitter account, and his fearless passion, Shaun King began to move mountains for the suddenly homeless and shelterless people of Haiti.

Shaun bought a url, and began to raise money to ship tents to Haiti.

Like I said, only THE RED CROSS shipped more tents into Haiti than Shaun! $1.5 MILLION WORTH OF TENTS!!!

Then after the initial crisis began to pass, Shaun decided to do something even more ambitious... he decided that he need to build an orphanage for the most hopeless and defenseless people in Haiti, children with cerebral palsy and severe autism. You see, due to superstitions, these children have been literally thrown out of their homes because their parents think they have been cursed by a devil. The Miriam Center will be one of the only of its kind in Haiti.

Shaun once again took his passion and drive to his twitter account to tackle this gargantuan task... and he managed to raise about $85,000. Which is incredible, but he needed to raise $300,000 to meet his first goal.

So, did that stop this inner-city pastor? NO WAY!

Shaun had made a friend while raising money for tents in Haiti... Eva Longoria.

Shaun and Eva launched a plan to make the dream of A Home in Haiti a reality.

And on September 15, they launched

Shaun, a 30, now 31 year old pastor, armed with nothing more than his laptop and twitter account, has managed to garner the support of almost 200 celebrities to help him pull off the first-of-its-kind, celebrity twitter auction for A Home in Haiti.

If you look at the auction in progress, it looks like Shaun's going to get to build that orphanage... and change the world.

So I've got to wonder... "What am I doing to change the world?"
What about you... does it make you wonder?

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  1. Good stuff! The compassion and commitment to social justice in this generation is both exhilarating and challenging! Your young men will have visions... God is raising them up just like He said He would!