Thursday, September 9, 2010

How Does Your Daughter View Herself?

It's back-to-school time, and back-to-school "puppy love" romances are in full swing.

It always makes me a little sad.
  • I'm sad for all the wonderful young ladies who don't think they're so wonderful, so they look for a guy to make them feel wonderful.
  • I'm sad because too many bright girls have been conditioned to think that their worth is tied to what some guy thinks about them.
It seems like it starts earlier every year. No longer is she sweet 16 and never been kissed.
  • She's 14 and wondering if she's pregnant.
  • She's 13 and feeling pressured to go further than she's physically or emotionally prepared for.
  • She's 12 and mom & dad think it's cute that she's got a boyfriend.
  • She's 11 and the adults in her life tease her about the cute boy in her class.
Girls, with child sized hearts, are having to deal with adult sized hurts... friends, we can do better.

Moms and dads, your daughter is not "boy-crazy." She has been taught that her self-worth is tied to being paired up with a boy.
  • She may have low self-esteem.
  • She may have an improper self-image.
But she thinks she needs validation from a male.
  • And she will do whatever she thinks she needs to do to get that validation.
  • And everything she watches on TV, everything she listens to on the radio, and every school sponsored dance tells here exactly where to find it.
Mom & Dad, where is your daughter getting her sense of self-worth from?
  • Dad, if you're in the picture, YOU need to be the male she gets her validation from.
  • Mom, if dad's not in the picture, you have got to help her see herself as valuable completely apart from what anybody else thinks about her.
Young lady, if you're reading this, my prayer is that you will see yourself the way your Heavenly Father sees you... as infinitely valuable!

God the Father thinks you're so valuable that He gave His One and Only Son, Jesus, so that you would know just how valuable He thinks you are! I hope you never forget it!

So, moms & dads, how does your daughter view herself?


  1. Paul, this is such a great and desperately needed message to so many girls and young women. I only wish we had a big enough megaphone so that everyone could hear it. I'm going to re-post on FB. Thanks for writing.

  2. Dad's need to more involved in their daughters lives.